The Wealth Creators University is a non-accredited results based University that aims to educate with the skills and knowledge it takes to create and preserve their own wealth. We’ll take you through the steps of developing, running and growing your own successful business.

The Wealth Creators University is the ultimate training program for those who are ready to become true Wealth Creators.

The Wealth Creators University consist of three parts: Mental, Business and Investment!

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If you are completely new to Dr. Hannes Dreyer and the Wealth Creators University, we will suggest you start with our Free Courses & Training first.

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What are people saying?

If you apply the fundamentals of the workshop, you will be a wealth creator.

- Wiliam Botes

Useful information and strategies. Will definitely help my business grow and thrive. Looks like a sound understanding of theory and of practice. Well done!

Robin Booth

"Brilliant! Great! Fantastic!"

- David Dambrowski

Unique and one of a kind. Has potential for greatness. Gives you confidence that you can be a wealth creator.

- Nicky Blewett

A practical system for understanding and developing business and investments.

- Rynhard Roos

I believe that I can take my business to a new level and understand that I must eliminate risk, I have the tools to know if a business would succeed or if I must leave it.


Justino Ferreira

What a privilege to learn from a master! Learning how to tie together the wealth creator’s mindset to my personal context and being provided with a strategy that can make me a wealth creator was invaluable!

Roy Cloete

The workshop is highly informative with lots of useful information that you are unlikely to hear elsewhere.

- Craig Blewett

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