If you apply the fundamentals of the workshop, you will be a wealth creator.

Wiliam Botes

An enlightening course.

Emis Christopoulos

A practical system for understanding and developing business and investments.

Rynhard Roos


Lydia Coetzee

This course has helped me to focus on what I need to work on. I particularly benefitted by the simplified and tangible version of FFR. The need to be able to observe both the positive and negative to collapse and get to the next level. How to take many little steps and have a big result. This now makes sense why I felt stuck and did not know where to make changes. Now I do. This course has added tremendous values and I intend to apply as much as I can this year.

Julie Yin

It confirms that wealth is created from the inside out and if you have the knowledge of how this inner world works, you can literally re-program yourself for much better results in all seven areas of life! The resistor removing and power goal is lovely tools to ensure that you have a much better and fulfilled life in the future! All the false concepts we are conditioned with regarding finances is also an eye opener!

Tommie Landman

It has put all my experiences that I have had over the years into perspective. I can see where I went wrong – I was my own worst enemy. I created my situation I am the only one that can create the life that I want and deserve. I was on my way to retire poor. Now I am motivated and I have the tools to change this. I have done it before, I can do it again. I lost everything through my own stupidity, but I needed to learn the lesson so that I can help others. I can only add value! I feel like I have been sleepwalking for the past 25 years. You have woken me up and shown me a bright new world out there. I have so much to learn that it is scary. But I believe I can and will do it.

- Henry Marais
Roy Cloete

What a privilege to learn from a master! Learning how to tie together the wealth creator’s mindset to my personal context and being provided with a strategy that can make me a wealth creator was invaluable!

Dawie De Wet

Wonderful insights into how to determine your financial and business levels that you operate on, within the framework of a systemed structure. I intend to use these guidelines to start two new businesses very soon and to take it through the different levels.

The most important lesson I took from this course was the awareness of the wealth creator’s mentality vs. the opportunity seeker. I will endeavour to always check myself in every situation to confirm I am applying the formula for riches. I learned that the first thing I need to do is determine my exact business and financial position and then establish a strategy to progress to the next level.

Mike Walsh

It put stuff that I already knew in the right perspective. It took away all my excuses for not achieving what I know I am capable of achieving.

- Henry Marais

It has given me the opportunity to think about who I am in truth. This will help me with implementing the formula for riches in new business ventures and investments. It’s a wealth of knowledge that is very scares.

- Henry Marais Jnr

The wealth creator’s strategy opened my eyes on how to approach stating my own business and to add value!. It has been too much to take in and process but can’t wait to revise and start to take action. Thank you for adding value to my life.

Wilmie Schnetler

At this stage I am so over whelmed with all that I have learned! The catch now is to take action. I think that the value I received and are still going to receive due to my own growth cannot be measured! The value is just too much! Thank you very much Hannes, Leon and Scott. You are doing an excellent job.

Rohann Schnetler

The approaching view to the perception of value to money has been shifted to the realistic and positive application thereof. Always prepare for when an opportunity arises, it can be used with the formula for riches. Balance = priority. Money cannot make money – you do. Knowledge about strategy is vital for success.

Jacqueline Bierman

The course was definitely fantastic. Well prepared for, insightful and most importantly overwhelming to a great extend. This was like going deeper into my roots of what my purpose is.

Matsetse Pholafudi

A mind-blowing experience! A holistic workshop - If you fail to become a real wealth creator after this workshop (and more to come), then you are not really serious to become a wealth creator – no intent!

Thinus Bothma

This was the most mind blowing and powerful workshop I have ever attended. Emotional shattering experience. Now I know that it will be achieved. - Marius Higgs I found it very informative and educational.

Johnny Joubert

I gained new insights about Wealth Creation. I got rid of some of my false concepts, like you need “money” to create lots of money. From today I can see that it is possible to create money from nothing. I understand the Formula For riches a lot better and how vital intent and focus is. This subject of Wealth Creation has been made a lot clearer and simpler through Hannes. Thank you.

Lin Horn

Absolutely amazing and helpful. Personal Growth and multiplied.

Ismail Karelia

To attend a wealth creators course is to start a “new” life all over. Every course added value to my life and I am so grateful for this special opportunity. My financial status has been “upgraded” and I am debt-free. What a wonderful feeling. Thanks for giving me the know how!!

Leonie Folscher

Brilliant! Great! Fantastic!

David Dambrowski

I believe that I can take my business to a new level and understand that I must eliminate risk, I have the tools to know if a business would succeed or if I must leave it.

Justino Ferreira

The way Hannes was willing to explain things over and over to ensure that everyone understand everything. Fun and entertaining. I learnt that I have a lot to learn and implement going forward.

Johannes Pienaar

I am much clearer in term of how to approach running my business. I am also much clearer on the details of the plan to take me from where I am to where I want to be – my vision is much clearer and I have more confidence.

Michael Poole

At first I struggled to pull all the cords together, but after the first day the terminology and basics started to resonate with me and helped me to fully understand the process.

Christa Joubert

Phenomenal value as always. Hannes’ passion and genuine caring for others comes through in his presentations and in the amount of real value he adds. Practical and applicable. We leave here feeling we have a tool in our hands that we can start implementing immediately. A simple step by step process to get results.

Robyn Cloete

Looking through the eyes of a wealth creator instead of and opportunity seeker. Formula for Riches Tools to confirm whether I should go ahead with my prospective business and if so, make a success of it. Definition of strategy. Great venue and good to be away for a weekend to focus on the course.

Lucy Walsh

Useful information and strategies. Will definitely help my business grow and thrive. Looks like a sound understanding of theory and of practice. Well done!

Robin Booth
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